Capital Area Orthopedic Associates

Our Mission

CAOA succeeds by delivering compassionate and quality orthopedic healthcare to individuals and their families. We strive to help every patient and their family understand their trauma, disorder or disease, as well as the remedies available to treat their medical problems. Our goal is to help our patients live a more comfortable and productive lifestyle. Our primary focus is the PATIENT!

Our Office Provides the Following

  • On Site Digital X-Ray Facilities
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • HandiCap Accessible
  • Procedure, Pre-Certification

Why we use the “Tree” in our logo

A traditional symbol of orthopedics is the bent tree that has been braced to make it grow straight.

Capital Area Ortho

Since orthopedics’ beginnings, its specialists have treated children suffering from spine and limb deformities. The Greek roots of the word “orthopedics” are ortho (straight) and pais (child). Early orthopedists often used braces or other forms of treatment to make the child “straight.”1

1 American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)

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